Our Story

Welcome to the RichLife Dynasty founded in 2011 by Dontay Jackson and Manny Minnesota both avid music fans.  Richlife Dynasty was founded on the values of family and loyalty, a brotherhood of artists sharing their passion for their art. The idea that the music industry has so many segments that have yet to be pieced together gave way to the creation of this entity to serve as a hub for those that are truly committed to their craft from DJs and rappers to other talent from different genres to music engineers and songwriters. The founders of Richlife Dynasty, Dontay and Manny, understand that every genre has its own art. A DJ himself, Dontay describes his early memories of his appreciation for music, “Music influenced me since I was a child growing up in the life of music. [I remember] mom cleaned to it, washed her car to it and it made me realize music can be motivation even through tough times.” Both share the philosophy that music creates emotion. “I can see the music. I can extract the different layers, the beats, the lyrics and appreciate every piece that makes the whole”, describes Manny of the insight that inspired his drive to help create Richlife Dynasty. The idea is to have a platform where there are no ceilings, no barriers to genres or sounds, just good music and concerts!

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