If it ain't Richlife, then I don't wanna hear it!!”


4AM Thoughts

A rapper with H-town roots, describes his sound as savory, RnBass, and evoking of past life experiences. Early in life, he understood the impact music has on society when used right. This inspired him to create his own as way to change the world as he saw it. Often compared to a mix of sound ranging from Bryson Tiller, to Jeremiah, to Drake, Limit looks to find his own honest sound as heard on his latest EP “4 AM Thoughts”. As an active member of the community, Limit has contributed his time to a variety of charitable activities through "Jack and Jill of America" an organization dedicated to helping develop future African-American leaders. He’s also spent time supporting "Miracle Buddy's", a sports league for children with special needs. His focus now is a full length solo album that will touch on soul, blues and RnB. He is currently attending St. Johns University in Queens, NY.

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